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We Are a Trusted Supplier of Hot Roll Steel Sheet Supplier Based in Allen Park, MI

Hot rolled steel in storage

Our hot rolled and P&O steel comes in any grade, size, and shape you need!

With our extensive product knowledge and quality hot rolled steel for sale, Center Steel Sales is the obvious choice for steel sales. We’ve been in business since the 1970s and have since provided the milling, welding, and construction industries with steel products they can count on. Our hot rolled steel for sale is versatile and is used in thousands of applications.

Whether you need pattern-size hot rolled steel, hot rolled pickled steel, or oiled sheets and plates, Center Steel Sales can help. Our customer service is unrivaled throughout the Midwest, and we can help get you the exact specifications of hot roll steel that you require! Our hot rolled steel sheets come in sizes 16GA through 1/2″ in 48″, 60″, and 72″ widths.

The benefits of choosing Center Steel Sales for your hot roll steel needs are numerous, including:

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Competitive Pricing

We understand how important pricing is when considering a new hot roll steel supplier, so we are accommodating when it comes to cost. Simply give us a call, tell us your hot roll steel needs, and we’ll work with your budget to get you the quantity you need at an affordable rate.

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Fast Turnaround Times

While other companies don’t choose to have their steel readily available, ours is cut ahead of time and will meet your specifications and can be quickly shipped out!

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Small Business, Large-Scale Fulfillment

We are a family-owned and operated business that started from the ground up, and we treat all of our customers with respect and appreciation. However, this doesn’t mean that our operation is small! With a large warehouse in Toledo and an efficient fulfillment team, all of our products are sent out in the correct specifications and the right timeframe.

Our hot rolled steel is made with the highest possible commitment to quality.

We partner with world-class mills that we have had relationships with since the 1970s, offering hot rolled steel for sale. We know what each mill's strengths are and can match them perfectly to your needs. We know how to avoid surface imperfections thus our customers never worry about our quality.

To request a hot rolled steel quote, contact Center Steel Sales today.

We Value the Quality and Safety of Our Products Above All.

View our documentation to see the ways Center Steel Sales differentiates itself from the competition.

Conflict Minerals

The only potential conflict mineral used in the production of steel at our facility is FeCb. We have two current suppliers and both of them have their columbium sourced from minerals mined in Brazil, and thus are not “conflict minerals”.

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We take great care in our product selection and only offer the highest quality products.

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We go through many layers of precaution and prevention to make sure our product is as safe as can be.

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