The Benefits of Steel Floor Plate

Steel floor plate or diamond plate as it is sometimes referred to as is one of the most advantageous and aesthetically appealing steel products on the market today. Used across several industries, for a variety of applications, floor plate sets itself apart from similar steel plate products with its unmatched durability, functionality, and most importantly its safety. The skid resistance surface of floor plate decreases slip and fall-related accidents wherever it is applied. Have you ever noticed this product as you walk up a flight of stairs on a rainy day? Those little diamond imprints under your feet are the only thing preventing you from taking a wet and painful tumble. Consider floor plate for your high traffic workplace zones, and other areas prone to slippery conditions. Floor plate is also outstandingly durable, especially considering its lightweight properties. Many high-traffic shipping docks rely on floor plate to last for years as they are prone to the heavy traffic flow of forklifts and large trucks that drive over it each day. Contact Center Steel Sales today to learn more about how steel floor plate can be beneficial to you.

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Conflict Minerals

The only potential conflict mineral used in the production of steel at our facility is FeCb. We have two current suppliers and both of them have their columbium sourced from minerals mined in Brazil, and thus are not “conflict minerals”.

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We take great care in our product selection and only offer the highest quality products.

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We go through many layers of precaution and prevention to make sure our product is as safe as can be.

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